The Birmingham Shooting Centre is a non profit, private members club, and welcomes all responsible and safe, shooters, probationers and guests.

We are situated just a few minutes from Birmingham City Centre – See the map here

All are welcome irrespective of race, religion, gender, sexuality and physical ability, however we reserve the right to expel any person who fails to meet our strict safety standards.


All members are affiliated and can shoot at Bisley, we also have access to local facilities where we can shoot at up to 600m.

Membership grants access to use of club equipment, subsidised ammunition and insurance cover.

We have good access for disabled shooters


Our probationary procedure is in line with Home Office standards, to join you must follow the steps below:


1. 48 hour prior notification by phone or email, of visit
2. Signature of “no criminal background” required
3. Advise periodic “open days” by arrangement.
4. Six months probation for unlicensed members
5. Initial “one on one” supervision.
6. On acceptance, Police and Medical checks and home security required.


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